General terms and conditions of Feelfree Touristik


1. Registration:
You can book your trip with us in person, by telephone or in writing. With your travel registration you are submitting a binding offer to us to conclude a travel agreement. The binding conclusion of the contract is valid with the acceptance of your registration in the form of our booking confirmation (in writing or orally). If the content of the travel confirmation differs from the content of your application, the travel confirmation is to be understood as a new offer, to which we are bound for 14 days. The binding contract is valid, when you inform us within the period of your explicit acceptance or make a down payment. The applicant explicitly declares that he makes the reservation on behalf of with the authority of the registered traveller.

2. Payment:
After receiving the travel confirmation/invoice, please transfer the payment shown on it.

3. Scope:
Please refer to the booking confirmation for the amount of contractual services issued in your total account on the basis of your application. In the absence of this written confirmation the booking period stated in the current prospectus is valid at the prices listed in the prospectus.

4. Cancellation by the customer:
You may cancel your trip at any time prior to the departure date. In your own interest and to avoid misunderstandings, we strongly recommend that you declare the cancellation in writing. For any cost that we may occur the following cancellations fees will apply according to the breakdown in percentage in the list below. In all cases there will be a processing fee of € 40,-:

3 - 1 month(s) before departure 40%
30 - 7 days before departure 70%
from 6 days before departure 90 %
on cancellation by no-show on the day of travel 100%

5. Substitute Travellers:
Up until departure you may be represented by a third party in the execution of the trip. Expenses incurred arising from this will be charged to your account. We may object to the change of persons, if the third party does not meet specific travel requirements or statutory regulations.

6. Unused Services:
If the traveller does not avail of individual travel services for whatever reasons without prior written notice, basically no reimbursement of the booking price paid and/or the down payment will be made. We may, at our discretion in cases of hardship (illness, accident and the like) award vouchers-gift certificates for individual unused travel services, if we are notified of the non-utilization of the travel services in a timely manner. We recommend taking out travel insurance.

7. Transfers:
Where possible, after the conclusion of the contract we seek the transfer of travel services. As a result should we incur additional costs, these have to be reimbursed.

8. Cancellation and Termination by the Tour Operator:
We are entitled to cancel or terminate the travel contract after commencement of the trip, if the traveller interferes with the execution of the trip over a sustained period despite being requested to desist from doing so by the organizer or if he/she infringes the agreement to such an extent that termination thereof without due notice is justified. The same applies to a participant as a result of misinterpretation does not attempt to improve his behaviour. With advertised travel with a fixed minimum number of participants we have the right to withdraw from the contract up to one week prior to departure, if an advertised or officially specified minimum number is not reached.

9. Termination due to Force Majeure:
If the trip at the conclusion of the contract is hindered, endangered or negatively affected by unforeseen events beyond the control of the travel agent or the safety of the customers cannot be guaranteed, after examining a possible seasonal transfer and/or upon the proposal of a equivalent alternative, both you and we may cancel the contract. You will be refunded the booking price paid upon termination prior to departure for the abovementioned reasons. No further claim can be made. If after the commencement of the trip, the abovementioned reasons result, either of the parties may terminate the travel contract after examining a possible seasonal transfer and/or an equivalent alternative. Should the contract be cancelled, we are entitled to demand adequate compensation for travel services already provided and for services that have yet to be provided in order to terminate the trip.

10. Liability, Liability Limitations:
We provide the contractually agreed travel services with the due diligence of a prudent businessman. Participation is at one’s own risk with all companies. The operator assumes no liability and we are only liable for the negligent conduct of our employees (in case of intent or gross negligence). There is adequate liability insurance for claims for damages as a result of negligent conduct by our employees. We are not liable for service disruptions associated with services within the context of third party services that are merely negotiated by us. In these situations, the conditions of travel of the respective tour operator are valid.

11. Duty to Cooperate:
In the event of impaired contractual performance, the tour participant is obliged to assist in preventing or limiting possible damage as laid down in the statutory provisions. You are particularly obliged, to make your complaints known on location and/or inform our staff immediately. We and/or our staff will endeavour to address this complaint, insofar as this is possible. If you fail to comply with the above duty of notification, you have no right to a reduction of the tour price and/or compensation.

12. Ineffectiveness of individual provisions:

If one of the provisions of the travel agreement is or becomes void in whole or in part, this does not invalidate the entire travel contract. In fact, we are authorised to replace the ineffective provision by a permissible provision that corresponds to the purpose of the ineffective provision as far as possible.

13. Exclusion of Claims and Statutory Limitation:

You must assert any claims for non-contractual provision of travel services to us in writing within one month after the contractual tour completion date. The traveller can assert claims after this period expires if he/she was unable to observe the deadline through no fault of his/her own. All of your claims from the travel contract become time barred in 6 months. The period of statutory limitation begins with the day on which the travel was to have ended according to the contract. If you have filed such a claim, the period of limitation ceases to run until the date on which we repudiate the claims in writing.

14. Animals:
Animals may, after consultation with us and a special payment in the Tourist accommodation be brought. The guest bringing along an animal shall be obliged to supervise to properly keep and during his stay or that animal. In addition, he is liable or his insurer for damages that were caused by animals.

15. Place of Jurisdiction:
The place of jurisdiction for both parties is the location of the travel service rendered and our registered office.